Amani Mediation is offering their services online. This means you and your spouse can meet with the mediator online with your computer and webcam, to complete your mediation sessions.

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What is online divorce mediation?

Online divorce mediation adds a fourth party to the mediation. Who is that fourth party? Technology. Instead of the two disputing parties and the mediator sitting togther in a room, they now sit together remotely using web-based techonology.

We primarily use Microsoft Teams which means you do not have to download any software. We send you a meeting invite and you simply click on the link and join the meeting from the comfort of your own home. We also use other online platforms to deal with your needs in a safe and secure manner.

In these uncertain times, Amani Mediation wants to be able to help in any way possible in minimising the spread of coronovirus. At the same time, we want to be able to continue supporting families through what is now an even more distressing time.

Online divorce mediation still empowers couples to co-create their futures and reduce the emotional turmoil, the negative impact on children, improve the chances of successful co-parenting and save enormous amounts of time and money.

Benefits of online mediation

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    Online mediation saves you significant amounts of time. No sitting in traffic to get to scheduled meetings.

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    Online mediation provides a safe and comfortable space for you to discuss your disputes from the comfort of your own home.

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    Online mediation enables joint sessions and conversations, use of presentation technologies and document sharing.

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    Online mediation has no geographical restraints. You can be living in different provinces or countries. All you need is an internet connection.
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    Online mediation is convenient. The options for dates and times of meetings open up as there is no travelling involved.
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    Online mediation enables you to implement social distancing and be part of helping your community to limit the spread of coronavirus. Keeping you and your familiy safe.

What can you mediate online?

You can mediate one or all of the following agreements:

  • Parenting plan: pre, during or post separation or divorce
  • Child and/or spousal maintenance agreements
  • Division of assets agreement
  • Family disputes
  • Matrimonial property regimes

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